VIDEOS-See How We Work
  • BTS-Levy's Fine Jewelry

    Behind the scenes look of a session we shot of a very expensive necklace for a digital billboard for Levy's Fine Jewelry-Birmingham AL

  • BTS B-Metro Spring 2017

    Quick look at a series of fashion accessory images done in studio

  • BTS-White Dresses

    Behind the scenes shooting ads and posters for White Dresses; bridal shop in Huntsville Alabama

  • BTS-Swim & Sport Poster

    Quick look at a poster shoot for Swim & Sport (Miami)

  • BTS-Steampunk for B-Metro Magazine

    A bit of a longer look of how we did the Steampunk feature for B-Metro Magazine

  • BTS-Henig Furs

    Here is how we did the latest leather and furs images for Henig Furs-Montgomery Alabama

  • BTS-Harajuku Fashion, B-Metro Magazine

    Shows how we shot a fashion feature focusing on Harajuku street fashion

  • BTS-Gatsby Re-visited

    BTS of how we shot a re-visit of Gatsby era fashion for B-Metro Magazine

  • BTS-Always There

    A look at the shoot we did for Always There, a home health organization in Birmingham Alabama

  • BTS-Birmingham Children's Theater

    Longer look at how we illustrated how amazing the costumers are at the Birmingham Children's Theater (Alabama)

  • BTS-Black & White Fashion

    Show us working on a focus for Black and White fashion color scheme

  • BTS-Fashion Accessories

    Whimsical look at shooting fashion accessories for B-Metro Magazine

  • BTS-Fashion as Art

    Take a look how various Birmingham artists interpreted their art onto fashion

  • BTS-A Vision Lifestyle

    Here is how we shot the 1st images A Vision Lifestyle ever did for web and social media...sure was hot that day :-)

  • BTS-Hunger Games Inspiration

    BTS showing a Hunger Games theme for a fashion feature for B-Metro Magazine

  • BTS-Super Heros

    Quirky take on how we shot a bunch of Super Hero's for a feature for B-Metro Magazine

  • BS-Theadora

    See how we shoot Mary-Margaret McCord for a B-Metro Magazine feature